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Security Camera

Cameras, Privacy, & Trust


Research Objectives

Insights informed

In this project, I set out to understand how Cruise should communicate about cameras to riders. Cross-functional stakeholders included privacy and legal teams, product and content designers, and product managers. 

  • Identify user expectations regarding in-cabin camera recording and streaming notifications

  • Understand the concerns surrounding in-cabin streaming and recordings

Product designs for the mobile app and in-car experience related to cameras in every Cruise car, ultimately serving to build trust and increase confidence with Cruise riders.

Research Questions

How is recording/streaming communicated to people in other scenarios?

What are the best ways to notify riders so that their sense of safety and comfort is maximized?

How much information is the right amount and when is the best time to communicate?

What are rider expectations and concerns surrounding the features?


Competitive analyses

In-depth interviews

Concept testing

Process & Challenges

7 Males, 7 Females

Ages 18 to 55 living in potential markets

7 Cruise riders, 7 non-riders


Google Meet

I recruited participants through the Research Ops team and UserZoom. Answers from the interviews were transcribed and I used thematic content analyses to derive insights. 


1. Recruitment: Gender and age distributions had to be balanced within the two modes of recruitment. 

2. Large interview sample: Since participants from two cohorts were recruited, the amount of data collected was massive and finding themes was time consuming. 


  • Actionable research insights informed product and content design strategy shifts around user privacy 

  • When there were different POVs among stakeholders, research helped ground the design iterations

  • General user sentiment regarding privacy has long-term implications in building confidence and trust in the brand among users

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