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Top Usability Pain Points


Research Objectives

Insights informed

In this project, I set out to understand the workflow of a troubleshooting team within Cruise and prioritize the usability issues of a tool that they use.

  • Understand the workflow of the troubleshooting team

  • Identify and prioritize usability pain points (low hanging fruit) which can be fixed in the short-term

  • derive long-term insights to improve tooling especially during team expansion and scaling

Product managers to prioritize what changes to focus on in the near future to improve the workflow of the team. Also identified features of the tool most important for long-term impact. 

Research Questions

What is the role of a troubleshooting expert and what are their responsibilities?

What is the typical workflow of a troubleshooting expert?

What is the ideal workflow?

What are the top usability issues with the tool?


Contextual inquiries

Persona building

User journey mapping

Process & Challenges

Across times of day

Different tenures

3 experts A 

2 experts B

In-person +

Google Meet

I began the study by interviewing the stakeholders to understand the objectives they had in mind and based on that created a research plan and invited participants. I observed them while they worked and asked them questions accordingly.  


1. Journey Mapping: Since participants had differing levels of expertise and experience with the tool, the ideal user journey was challenging to arrive upon. 

2. In-person study: Since participants used more than one screen at a time, I observed them in person (first time post-pandemic) and had to make sure that I did not bias them or influence them in any manner. 


  • Low hanging fruit were identified and actionable research insights influenced the product team to take notice and fix those issues

  • A persona for troubleshooting experts was built, which can be used in future projects 

  • Long-term impact analysis and recommendations helped steer the direction that operations leaders expect to take while expanding the team of troubleshooting experts

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